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  • Sagar Overton
  • Gol Lumbrick
  • Zepp Batskull
  • Levyathon Valentin
  • Ranoz Belquith
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  • Hit
    Sliding doors

    Something in your magic allows you to step out of time, take a second attack, and then return to your body in your time.

  • Miss
    Not so funny bone

    You hit your weapon on your knee. You’ll have disadvantage on any DEX checks for the next five minutes.

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  • Wild
    Mirrored Image

    A randomly chosen creature in your vicinity is duplicated. The duplicate has (level * 1d4) hit-points but all other abilities remain intact.

  • Mundane
    A tiny swarm of gnats appears near your hand
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  • 1d100 Clear Quartz Crystals

    Undoubtedly, someone in your party will think these rocks have magic healing properties.

  • 1d100 silver pieces
  • A ceramic lance

    This extremely impractical item is white and ornately decorated with flowers.

    Value 1100 gp

  • Magic Item
    Ring of Spell Storing
    Description →
  • Spell Scroll
    Move Earth
    Description →

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