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  • Truckson Twelvetoes
  • Uyp Valentin
  • Durga Juangroongruangkit
  • Kyl Seventoes
  • Tob Tando
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  • Hit

    Your attack chops off the right hand, paw, or claw of your opponent.

  • Miss

    You drop your weapon and must spend an action picking it up.

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  • Wild

    The next willing creature you make eye contact with comprehends the depths of your soul and witnesses the horrors and wonderment that have encapsulated your life. A spark of lightning connects you for a second before it is broken. With newfound understanding, your ally takes on your burden for a turn, developing colorful and twisting patterns along their body. On their next turn, they experience a wild magic effect. If the outcome involves sorcery points or abilities not present in their character, they reroll.

  • Mundane

    You and each other creature within 10 ft drops one item they are holding.

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  • An electrum cloak clasp in the shape of a pair of long hands

    Value: 2d6 electrum

  • 1d100 gold pieces
  • A giant huntsman’s bow

    Designed to bring down trolls and hill giants during the Bone Wars.

    Crafted by Milliarde Gustave, the legendary weaponsmith.

    Can only be handled by a medium-sized character 5’10” or taller with a strength of 14 or higher.

    Damage 2d12. Range 200/800. Heavy. Two-handed.

    Value: 400 gold pieces

    Note: must find a fletcher to fashion longer, thicker arrows than a standard longbow.

  • Magic Item
    Sword of Life Stealing
    Description →
  • Spell Scroll
    Description →

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