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  • Tando Portsmith
  • Tesha Orlando
  • Beaumont Ladybones
  • Pamn Hangwire
  • Thalia Beetletrix
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  • Hit

    Your attack chops off the right hand, paw, or claw of your opponent.

  • Miss
    Not so funny bone

    You bang your elbow on your attack. You have disadvantage on all STR and DEX attacks as well on casting spells that require somatic components until you can take a short rest.

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  • Wild
    Weighted Dice

    A wise man never enters the fray unprepared. Roll a d20 1d6 times. You may choose three of these rolls and save them for another time. These dice may be played after a roll or instead of rolling. They may also be used on other players or forced onto enemies. Dice are lost after 5 minutes.

  • Mundane

    A pixie appears and immediately flies away

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  • 1d100 Clear Quartz Crystals

    Undoubtedly, someone in your party will think these rocks have magic healing properties.

  • Two silver candle sticks wrapped in butcher paper

    Worth 120 gp

  • A giant huntsman’s bow

    Designed to bring down trolls and hill giants during the Bone Wars.

    Crafted by Milliarde Gustave, the legendary weaponsmith.

    Can only be handled by a medium-sized character 5’10” or taller with a strength of 14 or higher.

    Damage 2d12. Range 200/800. Heavy. Two-handed.

    Value: 400 gold pieces

    Note: must find a fletcher to fashion longer, thicker arrows than a standard longbow.

  • Magic Item
    Potion of Water Breathing
    Description →
  • Spell Scroll
    Faithful Hound
    Description →

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