Truth or Dare

For the next minute, the caster and all creatures affected by this spell suffer the effects of a Zone of Truth spell against the caster’s spell save DC. Additionally, all affected creatures are forced to cast Suggestion every time they speak, with a spell save equal to 10 their Charisma modifier.

Mundane, Wild


One of your teeth, chosen at random, permanently turns to iron.

Mundane, Wild

Empathetic Flash

Each creature in a 5 ft radius centered on the caster know the exact emotional state of each other affected creature.

Magical, Melee, Mundane, Ranged


Fate conspires to cause you to trip and fall the next time you attempt to move. This is unavoidable and you are completely aware of this. You are prone.


Guard Break

Your attack throws open your opponent’s defenses. Until the start of their next turn, attacks against this creature have advantage. They may spend their reaction to end this effect, early.


Stone Turner

The ground beneath your feet churns, tumbles, and warps. All floors within 60 feet of you become difficult terrain, and any creature that doesn’t move on their turn sinks into the floor at the end of their turn, requiring a DC 16 Str check to escape, or falling through in places where the ground is less than 3 feet (1 meter) thick. This effect lasts for 1d4 rounds.

Constructed surfaces will return to their pre-effect state, natural surfaces will remain disturbed.



Light and darkness bend and separate around you in a 120ft radius, coalescing into hard, fast-moving shapes. At the start of each creature’s turn and at the end of their movement, if they are in the radius of the effect they roll 1d20. On a 1-5 they are in total darkness, on a 6-20 they are in bright light.

If in an area comprised of mostly dim light, the numbers are 1-10 for total darkness and 11-20 for bright light. In areas comprised of mostly darkness, the numbers are 1-15 for total darkness, and 16-20 for bright light. This wild magic effect does nothing in areas devoid of shadows, or areas of complete darkness.


Spell Globule

The spell you worked coalesces into loose ball of liquid mana and floats away. This weightless globule moves at a rate of 10 ft per second in the direction you were facing at casting and has a 50% chance of either bouncing or sticking to any inanimate surface it touches.

If a living creature of a Tiny or larger size touches the globule, they will immediately absorb the globule and gain one free casting of the spell that triggered this effect that lasts until their next short or long rest, using the original caster’s DCs.

The caster cannot reabsorb the spell for 1d4 rounds, and the globule will instead bounce off of them.

The creature will innately know the immediate effects of casting this spell, to the best of their mental capacity. Though they may not understand the implications of these effects or how best to utilize such a spell.

If the spell globule came from a non-spell source, it will grant a random 1st level spell from the Wizard spell list.


Luck of the Shire

A silver piece appears in your mouth.

Mundane, Wild


You and each other creature within 10 ft are instantly spun 180 degrees.

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