Critical Hits

  • Harried.

    Your attack hits so hard that your target can’t think straight. The next ally of yours who attacks that target gets a +2 to their attack roll.

  • Blessed vibrations.

    Your strike vibrates with divine energy and restores 1d8 hit points to you and your allies. If this exceeds their maximum, the excess become temporary HP.

  • Sliding doors.

    Something in your magic allows you to step out of time, take a second attack, and then return to your body in your time.

Critical Misses

  • Craaaaaaack.

    Your weapon has broken and is unusable for the rest of this battle after which you must spend 1d4 hours repairing it

  • I’m gonna lose that nail.

    You miss just barely but you manage to hang a fingernail on your weapon and really yank it. It’ll for sure turn black and fall out tomorrow but for 1d4 rounds you have a -1 to your attack rolls.

  • Frozen.

    You whiff so badly that you can’t move because you’re just dwelling on your miss. You lose your movement this round. If you moved before attacking, you lose your movement next round.

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