Critical Hits

  • Divine hammer.

    Your strike is so mighty that a divine radiant light comes down and hits your target for an additional 2d8 damage. If this was from your god, you’ve done well. If not, you might want to get religion.

  • Kneecapped.

    You hit your target right in the knee (or whatever part of their form performs the same function). Their movement is halved and they cannot take the Dash action for 1d6 rounds.

  • Sonic boom.

    Your strike hits with such force that it unleashes a powerful resonance centered on your target. Your target and anyone (including you) within 5 feet is knocked prone and takes 1d6 thunder damage.

Critical Misses

  • Pratfall.

    Fate conspires to cause you to trip and fall the next time you attempt to move. This is unavoidable and you are completely aware of this. You are prone.

  • See you next fall.

    You overextend yourself and fall while attacking. Roll your attack damage; take half in your fall. You are also prone. You must spend half your movement standing up. If you were engaged in melee combat, you will provoke an attack of opportunity when you stand.

  • Baby Hands.

    Your spell short-circuits and turns your hands into tiny baby versions of your hands for 1d12 hours. You cannot use weapons or tools during this time.

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