fascinating and horrible ideas for fantasy TTRPGs

Critical Hits


  • Blinded!

    Your strikes leaves your target blinded for 1d4 rounds.


  • Funny bone

    You hit your target right in the elbow (or whatever part of their body they use to control their attacks). They lose proficiency in their weapon and any spell that requires somatic components for 1d6 rounds.


  • Harried

    Your attack hits so hard that your target can’t think straight. The next ally of yours who attacks that target gets advantage.

Critical Misses


  • Paper cut

    You create (or just now notice) a tiny sliver in between two of your fingers. You take 1 HP of damage and have disadvantage on all Concentration and Sleight of Hand checks for the next 1d4 rounds.


  • Craaaaaaack

    Your weapon has broken and is unusable for the rest of this battle after which you must spend 1d4 hours repairing it


  • You grow a duck bill

    You can only quack for 1d4 rounds. You won’t be able to cast spells with verbal components during this time

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