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Town size: Large

This city has a few thousand residents and has several competing shops and vendors. Those below are just a selection or maybe just one area of town.

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Lifestyle: Wealthy

Most folk in this area make their income from trade. As a result, you can find almost any common good here but it costs 10-30% more than it would elsewhere.

Town Character

Distrustful of strangers

The Community


Town master/mistress

Jean Battlesnax

Amiable, Lawful evil, Gnome
A Veteran, Noble, or Bandit Captain.

Type of Government


A deity of some type is recognized as the supreme ruling authority, giving divine guidance to human intermediaries that manage the day-to-day affairs of the government.

Sheriff / Law Enforcement

Toquine Itruscan

Corrupt, Neutral evil, Dragonborn
A Veteran or Knight.


  • Religious leader

    Ryelth Wiseacre

    Driven, Chaotic evil, Goblin
    A Priest.
  • Faith

    Sobek, god of water and crocodiles

    LENature, TempestCrocodile head with horns and plumes
  • Adventurers can acquire an amulet, emblem, or reliquary for this faith with a 3-5 gp donation.
    Adventurers can acquire a flask of holy water for a 25 gp donation to the church, temple, or faith.

Some townsfolk

All commoners
  • Zindel

    Troubled, Chaotic good, Human

  • Mephtocles

    Pushy, Neutral good, Halfling

  • Relbor

    Sociable, Lawful neutral, Dragonborn

  • Igor

    Aloof, Lawful evil, Goblin

  • Ernesto

    Affable, Lawful neutral, Tiefling

  • Waldorf

    Arrogant, Neutral evil, Half-Orc

  • Ranoz

    Pompous, Lawful good, Tiefling



The Cloven Hoof

  • Innkeeper

    Helmund Aas

    Loquacious, True neutral, Halfling
  • Costs (Consult the town lifestyle)
    ItemMeals CostLodging Cost
    Squalid3 cp7 cp
    Poor6 cp1 sp
    Modest3 sp5 sp
    Comfortable5 sp8 sp
    Wealthy8 sp2 gp
    Aristocratic2 gp4 gp

Misty’s Tepid Ale

  • Proprietor

    Gertrude Aas

    Withdrawn, Lawful evil, Halfling
  • Costs (Consult the town lifestyle)
    Ale (gallon)2 sp
    Ale (mug)4 cp
    Banquet (per person)10 gp
    Bread, loaf2 cp
    Cheese, hunk1 sp
    Meat, chunk3 sp
    Wine, common (pitcher)2 sp
    Wine, fine (bottle)10 gp


  • The orcs are just getting started
  • Help stop the river of slime!
  • I think the local priest is making the orphans do hard labor
  • Orcs are raiding the nearby farms
  • 10% of every donation to the church goes to the priest’s speedboat fund
  • An incubus and succubus have been seducing adventurers at the tavern
  • I hear every shop in town pays a 30% protection fee to a gang of hobgoblins
  • That’s the third farm this week to be overrun by dinosaurs
  • A group of ghosts is haunting the church
  • The horses in town keep disappearing.


General Store

The Turtle Dragon

  • Proprietor

    Jille Clemet

    Pious, Chaotic good, Gnome
  • Items for sale

    1 gp

    Forgery kit

    15 gp

    Chain (10 feet)

    5 gp

    Bottle, glass


    Smith’s tools

    20 gp

    Playing card set

    5 sp

    Calligrapher’s supplies

    8 gp


    1 cp

    Ball bearings (bag of 1,000)

    1 gp

    Leatherworker’s tools

    10 gp

    Flask or tankard

    2 cp



    Component pouch

    25 gp

    Costume clothes

    5 gp


    1 gp

    Rope, silk (50 feet)

    10 gp


    2 gp


    1000 gp


    50 gp

    Ink pen

    2 cp

  • Equipment Packs
    Scholar’s Pack

    40 gp

    Diplomat’s Pack

    39 gp

    Entertainer’s Pack

    40 gp


Horatio Lasso’s Magical Potions and Whatnots

Arcane House

Philter of Love



Fortune Teller

True Seeing

  • Proprietor

    Clemet Aaby

    Unctuous, Lawful neutral, Halfling
  • The fortune teller is a cartomancer (use the Cult Fanatic stats) who will tell any character's fortune using a Deck of Fortune. The reading costs 5sp and will grant a boon or bane to the character for the next 24 hours of game time.

    Welcome the party inside and draw a card...

    Deck of Fortune

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