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The Hartch

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Today's weather

A dry sandstorm

Town size: Medium

This town has several hundred residents living within its limits.

Lifestyle: Humble

The population here work farms and fields and mostly tend to themselves and their families. Most goods will cost 10-20% less than more cosmopolitan areas.

Town Character

Proud of their wealth

The Community


Town master/mistress

Renn Perqolat

Gallant, True neutral, Tiefling
A Veteran, Noble, or Bandit Captain.

Type of Government


Right and wrong are determined by those in power.

Sheriff / Law Enforcement

Tiarna Hammerswinger

Friendly, Neutral evil, Gnome
A Veteran or Knight.


  • Religious leader

    Spoorthy Berrith

    Withdrawn, Chaotic neutral, Half-Orc
    A Priest.
  • Faith

    Diancecht, god of medicine and healing

    AlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
    Lawful GoodLifeCrossed oak and mistletoe branches
  • Adventurers can acquire an amulet, emblem, or reliquary for this faith with a 3-5 gp donation.
    Adventurers can acquire a flask of holy water for a 25 gp donation to the church, temple, or faith.

Some townsfolk

All commoners
  • Waldorf

    Pompous, Neutral good, Dwarf

  • Mesher

    Friendly, Neutral evil, Dragonborn

  • Klista

    Odious, Neutral good, Halfling

  • Durbin

    Manic, Chaotic neutral, Half-Orc

  • Gemmar

    Elitist, Neutral good, Dwarf

  • Hezmet

    Paranoid, Lawful evil, Tiefling

  • Jerold

    Cheerful, True neutral, Goblin



The Turtle Dragon

  • Innkeeper

    Friedlith Oglesbee

    Unctuous, Lawful evil, Elf
  • Costs (Consult the town lifestyle)
    ItemMeals CostLodging Cost
    Squalid3 cp7 cp
    Poor6 cp1 sp
    Modest3 sp5 sp
    Comfortable5 sp8 sp
    Wealthy8 sp2 gp
    Aristocratic2 gp4 gp

Burly Tappenstaff’s

  • Proprietor

    Tootsie Snickums

    Distant, Chaotic neutral, Half-Elf
  • Costs (Consult the town lifestyle)
    Ale (gallon)2 sp
    Ale (mug)4 cp
    Banquet (per person)10 gp
    Bread, loaf2 cp
    Cheese, hunk1 sp
    Meat, chunk3 sp
    Wine, common (pitcher)2 sp
    Wine, fine (bottle)10 gp


  • Guard a large shipment of ingredients heading to the apothecary
  • The local priest made a deal with the devil
  • The town master/mistress is undoubtedly lying
  • A witch outside of town is stealing children by luring them with candy
  • Retrieve a book for the mage who runs the arcane house
  • A personal enemy plans to assassinate the town leader
  • Genichi was the first person ever to earn a master’s degree in ninja
  • The local dinosaur park needs a crew to inspect security
  • I think the local priest is making the orphans do hard labor
  • A prominent individual is known to carry rodents in their pocket


General Store

Lookie Lou’s

  • Proprietor

    Tiarna Tando

    Vain, Chaotic evil, Halfling
  • Items for sale

    1 gp

    Signet ring

    5 gp

    Brewer’s supplies

    20 gp


    1 cp

    Cartographer’s tools

    5 gp

    Spikes, iron (10)

    1 gp

    Healer’s kit

    5 gp

    Bottle, glass


    Component pouch

    25 gp


    2 gp

    Pole (10-foot)

    5 cp

    Mason’s tools

    10 gp


    2 gp

    Forgery kit

    15 gp

    Rope, silk (50 feet)

    10 gp

    Map or scroll case

    1 gp


    1 cp

    Potter’s tools

    10 gp

    Costume clothes

    5 gp

    Acid (vial)

    25 gp

  • Equipment Packs
    Dungeoneer’s Pack

    12 gp

    Entertainer’s Pack

    40 gp

    Scholar’s Pack

    40 gp


Alexander Salamander’s Potions and Curios

Arcane House

The Cloven Hoof



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