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Town size: Small

This village has less than 100 residents and only a few hundred more live in the area. Adventurers may not find all the shops listed below or they may not be open during their stay.

Lifestyle: Modest

This town is roughly evenly divided between farming and cosmopolitan occupations. They have enough trade traffic that many shops exist to serve the townsfolk and visitors. Goods range in cost from the average prices to +10%.

Town Character

Distrustful of strangers

The Community


Town master/mistress

Pfieter Murble

Aloof, Chaotic neutral, Elf
A Veteran, Noble, or Bandit Captain.

Type of Government


A government with its strength in the hands of a small, privileged ruling class.

Sheriff / Law Enforcement

Ferdinand Bushnell

Cordial, Chaotic neutral, Dwarf
A Veteran or Knight.


  • Religious leader

    Dudley Taft

    Cordial, True neutral, Human
    A Priest.
  • Faith

    Sobek, god of water and crocodiles

    LENature, TempestCrocodile head with horns and plumes
  • Adventurers can acquire an amulet, emblem, or reliquary for this faith with a 3-5 gp donation.
    Adventurers can acquire a flask of holy water for a 25 gp donation to the church, temple, or faith.



Gentle Repose

  • Innkeeper

    Mona Flammerberg

    Corrupt, Lawful neutral, Halfling
  • Costs (Consult the town lifestyle)
    ItemMeals CostLodging Cost
    Squalid3 cp7 cp
    Poor6 cp1 sp
    Modest3 sp5 sp
    Comfortable5 sp8 sp
    Wealthy8 sp2 gp
    Aristocratic2 gp4 gp

The Singing Mermaid

  • Proprietor

    Jerome Vignols

    Vain, Lawful good, Elf
  • Costs (Consult the town lifestyle)
    Ale (gallon)2 sp
    Ale (mug)4 cp
    Banquet (per person)10 gp
    Bread, loaf2 cp
    Cheese, hunk1 sp
    Meat, chunk3 sp
    Wine, common (pitcher)2 sp
    Wine, fine (bottle)10 gp


  • The town master/mistress is undoubtedly lying
  • The religious leader and the town master are having an affair
  • 10% of every donation to the church goes to the priest’s speedboat fund
  • Genichi was the first person ever to earn a master’s degree in ninja
  • The treants are restless
  • We’re not here to tell you what to do with your rats. We’re here to get you rats stat.
  • That’s the third farm this week to be overrun by dinosaurs
  • The young mayor was once impeached for trying to build a winter sports complex
  • The apothecary is selling fake healing potions
  • The tavern owner has a secret family in a village just down the road


General Store

Hammamer Schimmitars

  • Proprietor

    Torpal Malhaven

    Unctuous, Neutral good, Human
  • Items for sale


    Climber’s kit

    25 gp

    Rope, hempen (50 feet)

    1 gp

    Tinker’s tools

    50 gp

    Carpenter’s tools

    15 gp

    Tent, two-person

    2 gp

    Navigator’s tools

    25 gp


    2 gp


    1 gp

    Sledge hammer

    2 gp

    Painter’s supplies

    10 gp


    1000 gp

    Fishing tackle

    1 gp

    Common clothes

    5 sp

    Healer’s kit

    5 gp

    Iron pot

    2 gp

    Map or scroll case

    1 gp

    Ink pen

    2 cp

    Chain (10 feet)

    5 gp


    5 sp

  • Equipment Packs
    Entertainer’s Pack

    40 gp

    Dungeoneer’s Pack

    12 gp

    Scholar’s Pack

    40 gp


The Healing Word

Arcane House

The Cloven Hoof


Lookie Lou’s


Loquacious, Lawful evil, Goblin


Elitist, Neutral good, Half-Orc


Affable, Lawful evil, Gnome


Affable, Lawful evil, Halfling


Competitive, Neutral good, Halfling


Affable, Neutral evil, Elf

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