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Town size: Medium

This town has several hundred residents living within its limits.

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Lifestyle: Wealthy

Most folk in this area make their income from trade. As a result, you can find almost any common good here but it costs 10-30% more than it would elsewhere.

Town Character

Paranoid of monsters

The Community


Town master/mistress

Machupan MacManus

Shifty, Lawful good, Dwarf
A Veteran, Noble, or Bandit Captain.

Type of Government


Right and wrong are determined by those in power.

Sheriff / Law Enforcement

Columina Jo

Cold, Chaotic neutral, Half-Elf
A Veteran or Knight.


  • Religious leader

    Zaafirah Hornswoggle

    Loquacious, Chaotic evil, Human
    A Priest.
  • Faith

    Athena, goddess of wisdom and civilization

    AlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
    LGKnowledge, WarOwl
  • Adventurers can acquire an amulet, emblem, or reliquary for this faith with a 3-5 gp donation.
    Adventurers can acquire a flask of holy water for a 25 gp donation to the church, temple, or faith.

Some townsfolk

All commoners
  • Tanni

    Distant, True neutral, Halfling

  • Leviticus

    Unctuous, Chaotic evil, Human

  • Samswain

    Competitive, True neutral, Tiefling

  • Talimbra

    Fussy, Chaotic good, Goblin

  • Temalys

    Aloof, Lawful good, Half-Elf

  • Loreen

    Nitpicky, Neutral evil, Gnome

  • Zaiada

    Affable, Chaotic evil, Half-Orc



The Cloven Hoof

  • Innkeeper

    Hayward Aas

    Withdrawn, Lawful evil, Dwarf
  • Costs (Consult the town lifestyle)
    ItemMeals CostLodging Cost
    Squalid3 cp7 cp
    Poor6 cp1 sp
    Modest3 sp5 sp
    Comfortable5 sp8 sp
    Wealthy8 sp2 gp
    Aristocratic2 gp4 gp


  • Proprietor

    Hoolyn Haverund

    Unctuous, Chaotic good, Gnome
  • Costs (Consult the town lifestyle)
    Ale (gallon)2 sp
    Ale (mug)4 cp
    Banquet (per person)10 gp
    Bread, loaf2 cp
    Cheese, hunk1 sp
    Meat, chunk3 sp
    Wine, common (pitcher)2 sp
    Wine, fine (bottle)10 gp


  • I think the local priest is making the orphans do hard labor
  • The local priest made a deal with the devil
  • The high priestess steals boys from the town and turns them into panthers
  • We’re not here to tell you what to do with your rats. We’re here to get you rats stat.
  • Orcs are raiding the nearby farms
  • The treants are restless
  • The town master/mistress is undoubtedly lying
  • Retrieve a book for the mage who runs the arcane house
  • A group of ghosts is haunting the church
  • The orcs are just getting started


General Store

Beaudreaux Mandrake’s Exotic Goods

  • Proprietor

    Betiel Hunchin

    Pompous, Chaotic good, Dwarf
  • Items for sale
    Bullseye Lantern

    10 gp


    5 cp

    Rations (1 day)

    5 sp

    Navigator’s tools

    25 gp


    5 sp

    Mirror, steel

    5 gp


    1 gp

    Ink (1 ounce bottle)

    10 gp

    Block and tackle


    Cartographer’s tools

    5 gp


    2 cp

    Tinker’s tools

    50 gp

    Ink pen

    2 cp

    Spikes, iron (10)

    1 gp

    Healer’s kit

    5 gp

    Sledge hammer

    2 gp

    Carpenter’s tools

    15 gp

    Hooded lantern

    5 gp

    Paper (one sheet)

    2 sp

    Chalk (1 piece)

    1 cp

  • Equipment Packs
    Dungeoneer’s Pack

    12 gp

    Burglar’s Pack

    16 gp

    Scholar’s Pack

    40 gp


Protection from Evil and Good

Arcane House

Coven of Lovin’



Fortune Teller

Tomorrow’s News Tonight

  • Proprietor

    Zalman York

    Competitive, Neutral good, Human
  • The fortune teller is a cartomancer (use the Cult Fanatic stats) who will tell any character's fortune using a Deck of Fortune. The reading costs 5sp and will grant a boon or bane to the character for the next 24 hours of game time.

    Welcome the party inside and draw a card...

    Deck of Fortune

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