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The Deck of Fortune

Not really magical item, common

A Deck of Fortune — a cartomancer’s deck of cards used to predict the future — comes in many forms. Tarot decks in our world or the Rockza in Vullffhornn, decks are unique and usually contain 20-78 cards. The deck can’t be used by someone unskilled in cartomancy.

Cartomancers don’t fit a type. They aren’t always magical. Conjure an NPC until you find one who fits your story, one who will tell your player characters what they see in store for them, no matter how dark or light. The cartomancer then shuffles the cards (usually using the “washing” method) before feeling which card speaks to them about the seeker.

Then draw a card. Each card predicts a fortune and grants a boon or bane that lasts for 24 hours of game time. Depending on how you do the reading, a fortune can apply to a single adventurer or an entire party.

Draw a random card

Our deck here is based on the major arcana from the Tarot. The corresponding Tarot card is noted in parentheses beneath the description.

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