Spell Globule

The spell you worked coalesces into loose ball of liquid mana and floats away. This weightless globule moves at a rate of 10 ft per second in the direction you were facing at casting and has a 50% chance of either bouncing or sticking to any inanimate surface it touches.

If a living creature of a Tiny or larger size touches the globule, they will immediately absorb the globule and gain one free casting of the spell that triggered this effect that lasts until their next short or long rest, using the original caster’s DCs.

The caster cannot reabsorb the spell for 1d4 rounds, and the globule will instead bounce off of them.

The creature will innately know the immediate effects of casting this spell, to the best of their mental capacity. Though they may not understand the implications of these effects or how best to utilize such a spell.

If the spell globule came from a non-spell source, it will grant a random 1st level spell from the Wizard spell list.

created by ScrooLewse

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