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A personal enemy plans to assassinate the town leader

The town master or mistress’s brother (well, half-brother) is a Half-Dragon named ____. He has been plotting to kill the town master and assert himself as the leader of the town.

He and his gang have been plotting their assassination from a camp outside of town. A spy has discovered the plot and alerted the town master. The town master will pay 50gp each to the party to rid him of this threat.

The leader: Half-Red Dragon Veteran

Depending on your party’s level, the gang will be guards, scouts, or veterans. Quick version:

Average Party LevelNumber of gangGang class

The party can venture out to ambush the gang at their camp or plan how to assault them in town.

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Weakness Illusion Ring

Wearing this ring makes you appear weak to any potential enemies. To remove the illusion from yourself, you must remove the ring.

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