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Guard a large shipment of ingredients heading to the apothecary

The town apothecary had the rare opportunity to place a huge order of ingredients for their potions, oils, and poisons. They will pay 100gp total to a party who can protect their shipment on the road.

The PCs will have to travel for a day to meet the caravan transporting the materials. The cart with the apothecary’s shipment is going to break off from the caravan to head to the town. The cart is packed full of wooden boxes and burlap sacks of herbs, plants, and other items. The cart can only hold the driver.

TIP: grab all the names you need.

On the travel to the cart, the PCs may note a few people loitering by the side of the road (Bandits and their Captain). Something should be suspicious about the group but they’re just waiting for something interesting to come down the road right now. If the party confronts or investigates, they’ll realize the nefarious intent of the crew. They may choose to fight them now or just keep their eyes open on the way back.

When they meet the caravan, everything goes well connecting with the shipment to the apothecary.

On the way back though, the group of people they saw before are not where they were. If the PCs investigate, they find tracks of a large lizard around where the bandits were.

Whenever they’re not looking, a Giant Crocodile runs out of its hiding spot beside the road to terrorize them or the cart’s driver. As soon as they’re most engaged with the beast, the Bandits attack using their crossbows at first from range. They will try to peel off the PCs to fight them individually and force them back toward the Croc where possible.

DM NOTE: The Croc will attack whoever gets closest to it so be sure to put the cart’s driver and the bandits in peril when appropriate.

Party levelBandits
1-42 bandits per PC and 1 captain
5-83 bandits per PC and 1 captain

The Bandit Captain isn’t interested in the fight. They want to steal the cart. They will try to knock out the driver and leap in as soon as the PCs are most engaged. Then they’ll charge it away from the party and whistle for their crew to follow while firing their crossbows at the party.

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