The sheriff needs recruits for a security detail

The sheriff in town (a Veteran) will pay 10gp to each PC who joins a security detail. When the PCs call on the sheriff, they will explain the security detail is needed for a party at the home of the town master.

DM SECRET: the sheriff intends to rob the town master of a priceless, magical egg kept in the study and then blame it on the PCs if its absence is noticed. The sheriff will split the PCs up to do a pre-party security check of each room in the house. That is when they’ll steal the egg.

If the sheriff is foiled in that attempt, they will wait and hope for a distraction.

The party is attended by all the shop owners and governmental functionaries in town. The PCs have an opportunity to meet all of these people and charm or annoy them.

When the PCs have socialized enough, four out-of-town-guests (Thugs) of the Armorer, will start a fight with each other. If the sheriff was unable to steal the egg earlier, this is when they’ll try. So the PCs can stop the fight (maybe have one of the Thugs fight to kill) or keep their eye on the sheriff.

TWIST: consider allowing the PCs to participate in the heist.

created by everweird

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