Tonight's moon: Full moon

Possible Monster Motives
  • Guarding treasure
  • Protecting their home
  • Possessed by an evil
  • Mundane Loot
    An electrum ring depicting a summer oak tree

    Value: 1d4 electrum

  • Modest Loot
    A vase with 1d100 copper pieces
  • Great treasure
    A plain wooden chest

    Filled with leather sacks, each containing gems. A sack contains one of the following:

    • 2d100 malachite (worth 10gp each)
    • 4d100 lapis lazuli (worth 10 gp each)
    • 4d20 onyx (worth 50 gp each)
    • 3d20 moonstone (worth 50 gp each)
    • 2d8 amethyst (worth 100 gp each)
    • 2d12 topaz (worth 100 gp each)
    • 4d4 emeralds (worth 1000 gp each)
    • 2d4 diamonds (worth 1,000 gp each)
A Magic Item
Ring of Protection

Ring, rare (requires attunement) You gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws while wearing this ring.

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Spell Scroll
Alter Self

2nd-level transmutation Casting Time: 1 actionRange: SelfComponents: V, SDuration: Concentration, up to 1 hour You assume a different form. When you cast the spell, choose one of the following options, the effects of which last for the duration of the spell. While the spell lasts, you can end one option as an action to gain the benefits of a […]

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