Tonight's moon: Third quarter

Common Fauna
Possible Monster Motives
  • Enthralled by a magic item
  • Controlled by a bigger bad
  • Protecting their young
  • Mundane Loot
    An amulet depicting a silver hand on black background

    Value: 2d4 silver pieces

  • Modest Loot
    2d100 copper pieces
  • Great treasure
    A ceramic lance

    This extremely impractical item is white and ornately decorated with flowers.

    Value 1100 gp

A Magic Item
Helm of Brilliance

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement) This dazzling helm is set with 1d10 diamonds, 2d10 rubies, 3d10 fire opals, and 4d10 opals. Any gem pried from the helm crumbles to dust. When all the gems are removed or destroyed, the helm loses its magic.You gain the following benefits while wearing it: You can use an […]

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Spell Scroll
Lightning Bolt

3rd-level evocation Casting Time: 1 actionRange: Self (100-foot line)Components: V, S, M (a bit of fur and a rod of amber, crystal, or glass)Duration: Instantaneous A stroke of lightning forming a line 100 feet long and 5 feet wide blasts out from you in a direction you choose. Each creature in the line must make a Dexterity saving throw. […]

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