CR 9

The weather today: Drizzling

Tonight's moon: Full moon

Landscape and flora
Random encounter

Creatures and Threats

Common Fauna in the Area
Possible Monster Motives
  • Controlled by a bigger bad
  • Under a curse
  • Protecting territory
  • Protecting their young
  • Guarding treasure

Loot Suggestions

1d100 Clear Quartz Crystals

Undoubtedly, someone in your party will think these rocks have magic healing properties.

2d100 copper pieces
A ceramic lance

This extremely impractical item is white and ornately decorated with flowers.

Value 1100 gp

Magic Item
A old wrinkly zombie finger in a leather pouch

When taken out of the pouch, this finger allows the user to send a blast of necrotic energy coursing through any creature they see causing it searing pain.

Target must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw. On a fail it takes 4d8 necrotic damage.

The finger may be used once per day. If you forget to place the finger back in pouch using your next action, the finger wiggles in your hand. You must roll a D20 to keep ahold of the finger. On a 12 or greater, you are able to retain the finger and you must place it into pouch to recharge. On an 11 or less, the finger wiggles out of your grasp, falls to the ground and crawls away forever.

Spell Scroll
Gust of Wind

2nd-level evocation Casting Time: 1 actionRange: Self (60-foot line)Components: V, S, M (a legume seed)Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute A line of strong wind 60 feet long and 10 feet wide blasts from you in a direction you choose for the spell’s duration. Each creature that starts its turn in the line must succeed on a Strength saving […]

In case you want to terrify your players...

  • Possessed by an evil

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