Tonight's moon: First quarter

Common Fauna
Possible Monster Motives
  • Possessed by an evil
  • Protecting territory
  • Controlled by a bigger bad
  • Mundane Loot
    A flask with a name engraved on it

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  • Modest Loot
    A gold necklace with an amulet of horns around a lunar disk

    Value: 2d10 gold pieces

  • Great treasure
    More gold than you can carry

    2d20 bags of 4d100 pieces of gold apiece.

A Magic Item
Sword of Sharpness

Weapon (any sword that deals slashing damage), very rare (requires attunement) When you attack an object with this magic sword and hit, maximize your weapon damage dice against the target. When you attack a creature with this weapon and roll a 20 on the attack roll, that target takes an extra 4d6 slashing damage. Then […]

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Spell Scroll
Hold Person

2nd-level enchantment Casting Time: 1 actionRange: 60 feetComponents: V, S, M (a small, straight piece of iron)Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute Choose a humanoid that you can see within range. The target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be paralyzed for the duration. At the end of each of its turns, the target can make another […]

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