Tonight's moon: Full moon

Common Fauna
Possible Monster Motives
  • Controlled by a bigger bad
  • Protecting their home
  • Guarding treasure
  • Mundane Loot
    Two golf pencils
  • Modest Loot
    1d100 gold pieces
  • Great treasure
    A giant huntsman’s bow

    Designed to bring down trolls and hill giants during the Bone Wars.

    Crafted by Milliarde Gustave, the legendary weaponsmith.

    Can only be handled by a medium-sized character 5’10” or taller with a strength of 14 or higher.

    Damage 2d12. Range 200/800. Heavy. Two-handed.

    Value: 400 gold pieces

    Note: must find a fletcher to fashion longer, thicker arrows than a standard longbow.

A Magic Item
Goodberry vine necklace

This necklace made of a goodberry vine has 1d10+3 goodberries left on it. A creature can use its action to eat one berry. Eating a berry restores 1 hit point, and the berry provides enough nourishment to sustain a creature for one day. The berries lose their potency if they have not been consumed within […]

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Spell Scroll
Secret Chest

4th-level conjuration Casting Time: 1 actionRange: TouchComponents: V, S, M (an exquisite chest, 3 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet, constructed from rare materials worth at least 5,000 gp, and a Tiny replica made from the same materials worth at least 50 gp)Duration: Instantaneous You hide a chest, and all its contents, on the Ethereal Plane. You must […]

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