The northernmost city in Mammanniss, Trebbelhold earned its name during the Bone Wars when its Admiral, Franco Trebbel, successfully repelled an invasion of giants from the ice wastes.

The giants were taking advantage of the troubles in the east and the decline in trade coming into the city. Their attack failed when Trebbel ordered the citizens to take advantage of the city’s natural defenses: a narrow port, interior river, and a network of underground tunnels. Giants succeeding in scaling the walls found an empty city where they were attacked from beneath by a guerilla army hiding in tunnels, setting traps, and escaping instantly.

In the years after the Bone Wars, trade returned to Trebbelhold, leadership stabilized, while a new danger arose. Dark elves and grey dwarves seized the underground network to funnel weapons and potions into the city, corrupting it from below.

created by everweird

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