fascinating and horrible ideas for fantasy TTRPGs

Face Off

You swap faces with your target for 1d10 minutes.

Accidental Animation

Whoops. If there are any corpses on the battlefield right now, you just re-animated them and have to fight them as zombies.

What the hail?

Your magic creates a hailstorm in a 30 foot cube centered on you. Every creature in that cube takes 2d4 cold damage and is mildly irritated.


Your magic reacts with droplets of water in the air producing a moderate rainfall in a 30 foot cube centered on you for 1 minute. This extinguishes any open flames.

The Devil’s Double

A mirror image of you appears twenty feet in front of you and mimics all your actions. Opponents must succeed on a Perception roll against your spell save DC to determine if their target is the illusion. Only on a success, can anyone attack you. Duration: 1 minute.


A button pops off your clothing.


A pixie appears and immediately flies away


Your hand or spellcasting focus is suddenly covered in ants.

The hell you will

A sulfuric smoke appears from your hands or spellcasting focus. You have summoned 1d4 Hell Hounds who will appear in 1d4 rounds.


A steam mephit is cast out of your hand or spell focus

You grow a duck bill

You can only quack for 1d4 rounds. You won’t be able to cast spells with verbal components during this time

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Weakness Illusion Ring

Wearing this ring makes you appear weak to any potential enemies. To remove the illusion from yourself, you must remove the ring.

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