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Raptor’s arsenal

The Raptors of the Eastern Perch were an elite group of archers who defended the Iceteeth and Longspear mountain ranges hundreds of years ago during the Monstrous Invasion. Their arrows were enchanted. Many of their quivers were hidden in hollow trees and caves where they were within easy reach of a Raptor needing replenishment. When the Invasion was quelled with the intervention of the Longtooth giant clan, the Raptors’ presence in the perch diminished yet their arsenals remained tucked away for future conflict.

The Raptors’ arrows were designed to help their comrades as well as injure or trap their opponents.

When a quiver is discovered, it contains 2d10 arrows. Roll 2d20 for each arrow found and consult the tables below to determine which arrows are in the quiver.

2Arrow of Web21Arrow of Advantage
– gives a companion advantage on their next roll
3Arrow of Arrows
– on a hit, the arrow splits into 3 arrows, each doing 1d6 damage
22Arrow of Sleep
– puts its target to sleep for 1d10 rounds
4Magnetic Arrow
– advantage on attacking metal armor or creature
23Arrow of Desperation
– drains 1d6 HP from its target and gives it to the Raptor
5Arrow of Venom
– does 1d10 poison damage in addition to normal damage and target is poisoned for 1 minute
24Arrow of Levitation
6Arrow of Slowness25Arrow of Mind Control
– Domination of a person, beast, or monster
7Arrow of Fireworks
– on a hit, it explodes in fireworks blinding all creatures within 15 feet for 1 round
26Arrow of Monster Conjuring
– opens a portal to the Iceteeth through which a CR 2 creature appears to fight the target of the arrow
8Arrow of Health
– delivers 4d4 HP of healing liquid
27Arrow of Water Breathing
9Arrow of Haste28Arrow of Shield
– casts Shield on its target for 1 round
10Arrow of Jump29Arrow of Thunder
– a thunderclap emanates from the arrow when it hits its target, knocking the target and any creature within 15 feet prone
11Arrow of Feather Fall30Arrow of Warning
– the arrow glows and nocks itself in the bow whenever an evil creature is within 100 feet
12Arrow of Lightning31Arrow of Stinking Cloud
13Arrow of Confusion
– target must roll a WIS check to attack its opponent or else attack its own companions
32Arrow of the Eagle’s Eye
– the Raptor can magically see through the eye on this head of this arrow for 1 round after shooting it
14Arrow of Exhaustion
– the target gains one level of exhaustion
33Juking Arrow
– the arrow intentionally misses its target and then jukes to hit them from behind
15Arrow of Fright
– the target is frightened of the Raptor for 1d4 rounds (on a fumble, the target blinks right next to the Raptor)
34Arrow of Return
– after a hit, the arrow returns to the Raptor’s bow
16Arrow of Vines35Arrow of Frost Brand
17Arrow of Fog Cloud36Arrow of Heartbreak
– the arrow brings up bad memories and the target starts crying and has Disadvantage on attacks for 1d4 rounds
18Arrow of Heat Metal37Arrow of Tracking
– casts a tracking spell on its target. Raptor can track the target within 100 feet for 1 hour
19Arrow of Teleportation
– the arrow teleports its target to a jail cell in the Raptors’ hideout
38Arrow of Irritation
– the target hears a high-pitched whine that gives them Disadvantage on attacks for 1d4 rounds
20Arrow of Electric Fencing
– surrounds the target in a lightning trap
39Arrow of Diminution
– casts Reduce on its target
40Arrow of Climbing
– a spectral rope of climbing trails the arrow

Some arrows may rely on the Raptor’s Ring to work properly. Whether a ring is found with the Arsenal is up to the DM.

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