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The Abandoned Crescent

The Abandoned Crescent, once a thriving area on the continent, earned its present nickname after the Bone Wars—a series of regional wars between forces on the eastern side of the mountain range, The Roof of the King. This mountain range stretches from the arctic regions in the north to the southern edge of the continent. During the Bone Wars, none of the warring factions in the east thought it was worth the cost to cross the range. As a result, The Abandoned Crescent—while avoiding the wars—was left out of trade and commerce happening in the East. This state of affairs became normalized and trade from the East never returned to the coast in significant amounts.

Formally known as Mammanniss, the country bustles with its own activity and sporadic interaction with islands across the western sea. Yet it has never recovered commercially from its abandonment during the Bone Wars. Factions—of families, of criminals—rule over governments or in place of them from the pirate city in the far north to the seats of criminal power in the south.

Life is hard-scrabble all along the Crescent. Lawful good means nothing here because there is so little legal justice. Pockets of goodness exist all throughout the inland but the closer one travels to The Roof of the King mountain range or the coast, the more brigands, outlaws, and corruption one finds.

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