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Haddon the Redeemer

The party spots a large number of ruffians entering a church, armed. If they enter, the narthex and sanctuary are empty. A kindly old monk greets them. He says this is the church of Haddon the Redeemer. 

If they ask about the ruffians, he says they may have spotted the penitents. He says they do their penance in an interior room and hope to emerge redeemed. 

If they press him, he will ask for a donation, just a little one. Then he will lead them to an old staircase. 

They walk down a solemn hallway lined with statues of penitents and saints. It is quiet, dark, lined with candles. They emerge in a large round room that is well lit with lanterns. In the middle of the room is a ring surrounded by a low fence.  

In the center of the ring, on the shoulders of an orc, is a gnome in priest’s garb shouting, “who among you will be the next to be redeemed? Who is penitent enough to deserve the forgiveness of the Lord? Who will put their faith to the test? Who thinks such a test is worth 50 gold pieces? I see him now…” he looks at the party and points to one. “The penitent is come!” 

The crowd starts shouting “Re-pent! Re-pent!” and pushing this party member to the ring. “BE! THEE! REDEEMED!” the gnome shouts. When the orc steps aside, the party member sees his opponent, Willow, a Thug.

Roll for initiative.

If the character wins the fight legally, they receive 5gp and the crowd throws another member of the party into the ring. Hopefully, they decide to fight their way out at that point.

They will have to fight 3 Thugs.

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