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The local dinosaur park needs a crew to inspect security

An eccentric wizard has opened a dinosaur park outside of town and will pay a party 140 gp to inspect his security preparations. Each paddock has an enchantment on the fencing to keep the dinosaurs inside.

During their visit, a newman working for the park, will dispel the enchantment while he attempts to escape with a Wand of Wonder that the old wizard has carelessly left lying around.

The dinosaurs will escape and begin to terrorize the party and staff.

A Plesiosaurus and some other dinosaurs will attack the party at random as they push the party into the paddock with a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The party can always choose to save the staff and wizard and escape without endorsing the park.

If they capture the employee who stole the wand, the wizard will give it to the party. (He didn’t remember he had it anyway.)

If they kill the dinosaurs, they’ll survive but lose some renown in the town. And the wizard may curse them.

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