fascinating and horrible ideas for fantasy TTRPGs

Something has awakened in the forest

Legend says that that the forest outside of town was once a place where every plant had intelligence, speech, and a will of its own. A few people would insist that had seen a shrub speak to a tree in an audible language. But these stories were always shrugged off as folklore. Until recently. Take […]

Help stop the river of slime!

Outside of town, a creek and its tributaries feed the wells and irrigate the farms. Lately, people have been getting attacked by their water. Several people have reported their water punching them or crawling out of a bucket to try to harm a child. These attacks come from Tiny Puddings in the water. An investigation […]

The sheriff needs recruits for a security detail

The sheriff in town (a Veteran) will pay 10gp to each PC who joins a security detail. When the PCs call on the sheriff, they will explain the security detail is needed for a party at the home of the town master. DM SECRET: the sheriff intends to rob the town master of a priceless, […]

Guard a large shipment of ingredients heading to the apothecary

The town apothecary had the rare opportunity to place a huge order of ingredients for their potions, oils, and poisons. They will pay 100gp total to a party who can protect their shipment on the road. The PCs will have to travel for a day to meet the caravan transporting the materials. The cart with […]

Retrieve a book for the mage who runs the arcane house

The mage who runs the local arcane house (get a name) will pay 80gp to any party who can help retrieve a book that’s gone missing. With some prying, the mage will explain that they think the book was taken by their former partner. The book stolen was The Unique Umbra: a necromantic solution to […]

The local dinosaur park needs a crew to inspect security

An eccentric wizard has opened a dinosaur park outside of town and will pay a party 140 gp to inspect his security preparations. Each paddock has an enchantment on the fencing to keep the dinosaurs inside. During their visit, a newman working for the park, will dispel the enchantment while he attempts to escape with […]

A group of ghosts is haunting the church

The church in town is experiencing a haunting. Parishioners are being frightened away. The priest will pay 80 gp to any party who can rid the church of the ghosts. When investigating, the party will discover a green ooze on the bookshelves of the priest’s office. When they investigate further, a green ooze (use the […]

A personal enemy plans to assassinate the town leader

The town master or mistress’s brother (well, half-brother) is a Half-Dragon named ____. He has been plotting to kill the town master and assert himself as the leader of the town. He and his gang have been plotting their assassination from a camp outside of town. A spy has discovered the plot and alerted the […]

Goblins are robbing travelers on the road outside town

Several townspeople have been injured and one killed by a gang of goblins who raid people traveling on the main road outside of town. The goblins seem primarily interested in taking weapons and food supplies from travelers in and out of town. The sheriff will pay a party 50 gp to take care of this […]

Orcs are raiding the nearby farms

Farmers around town have reported stolen livestock, raided crop storage, and general destruction of their fields. An orc gang is suspected. The farmers have pooled their money and will pay 40 gp to a party who can rid them of this threat. PCs will need to question the farmers to get clues. The orcs seems […]

The horses in town keep disappearing.

A hill giant is suspected. A group of villagers is offering 100 gp to the party that can rid them of this problem. The party can find tracks back to a hillside cave lair. As they get closer, they’ll find partially-eaten horse carcasses nearby. The hill giant will fight viciously and throw parts of horses […]

A witch outside of town is stealing children by luring them with candy

The Concerned Mothers of the Dale are offering 200 gp and free accommodation and food while a party tracks down the witch and brings her to justice. If your party is level 2 or below, use the Cult Fanatic for the witch and Cultists for her minions. If your party is level 3-6, use the […]

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Raptor’s arsenal

The Raptors of the Eastern Perch were an elite group of archers who defended the Iceteeth and Longspear mountain ranges hundreds of years ago during the Monstrous Invasion. Their arrows were enchanted. Many of their quivers were hidden in hollow trees and caves where they were within easy reach of a Raptor needing replenishment. When […]


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