Help stop the river of slime!

Outside of town, a creek and its tributaries feed the wells and irrigate the farms. Lately, people have been getting attacked by their water. Several people have reported their water punching them or crawling out of a bucket to try to harm a child.

These attacks come from Tiny Puddings in the water.

An investigation of the wells or creek, will lead to a lot of puddings flowing towards town. About a day’s travel out of town, the PCs can find a pool containing a Black Pudding. Around the edges of the pool are signs of plants burned with magic.

Further investigation leads to a Mage with a retainer of mechanical creatures (use the stats for Animated Armor). The mage has been experimenting with the town’s water for a few weeks. When the party stumbles across them, the mechanicals are dumping magical substances into a cauldron that steadily feeds a stream.

TREASURE: the mage has Pipes of the Sewers on him and two vials of Oil of Slipperiness.

created by everweird

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