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Orcs are raiding the nearby farms

Farmers around town have reported stolen livestock, raided crop storage, and general destruction of their fields. An orc gang is suspected. The farmers have pooled their money and will pay 40 gp to a party who can rid them of this threat.

PCs will need to question the farmers to get clues. The orcs seems to be working somewhat methodically through the farms, never hitting the same one twice. Standing watch overnight in the farm nearest to the last one hit, the party will spot the orcs arriving in the middle of the night.

Use as many orcs as will be a challenge to your party, roughly two per level of your party. Keep a couple hidden to surprise the PCs after a round or two. The orcs will also cause wanton destruction of the farm to waylay the party. They’ll set fire to the barn, start slaughtering animals, throwing javelins into the farmhouse. Make this fight super chaotic to confuse the PCs’ tactics.

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Weakness Illusion Ring

Wearing this ring makes you appear weak to any potential enemies. To remove the illusion from yourself, you must remove the ring.

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